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The Children's Center is a special developmental space created for children and parents, where everyone will find something to their liking. There are many ways to express yourself, so our projects vary in form and content. Our team includes teachers, psychologists, speech therapists, cultural experts, philologists, linguists and artists. We are supporters of a humanistic approach, but in our work we do not use theories and models of raising a child, but rather the experience of relating to children. Our goal is to help the child express his undoubtedly valuable ideas about the world and remember what he experienced. For a child, an adult is not a watchman and not a magician, but a reliable friend who knows how to appear on time and withdraw on time. With us, children learn by touching, moving, seeing and listening.

We are faithful to the principles, which we see as beneficial for the child, family and society:
  • a child, like any person, deserves respect;
  • children can control their learning and development;
  • we help children to be independent;
  • we support the natural desire to knowledge of the world around us, which is in every child;
  • everything that happens in a child’s life has the potential for study and research;
  • we build partnerships with children;
  • do not evaluate the child and do not compare him with others, we identify the closest point of development at the moment and determine the point of potential.


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